Floating bars

Floating Bars is something completely new in local and international markets, and also on our website. The Floating Bars are located 200m from the coast and the only approach is from the water side (boat, yachts), and the company “Splavovitek & Marinas & N” – Aleksic” already successfully implemented such projects, with which it is proud.

Floating Bars, has a large capacity and it can endure large loads. The bar on the water is designed to enable, adapt and meet the highest standards. It is made of impregnated, laminated wood and composite materials.

Bar on the water may be immovable or moveable object, carefully designed so that it can fit into the environment at architecture, natural or urban landscapes. Just like water, houses on the bar can be positioned on the rivers, lakes, bays and oceans.

Our “Splavovitek & Marinas & N ‘- Aleksic” floating Bars has a compact design that offers, relaxation, comfort and privacy. At a certain distance from the coast, bar on water offers complete privacy. Floating bars It is ideal for marine bay, rivers and lakes.

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