About us

Family company “Splavovitek & Marinas & N ‘- Aleksic” is engaged in production, floating facilities: (floating houses on water, floating restaurants, floating bars, floating office buildings), the bar on the water, catamarans, boats, pontoons, platforms, marinas. Floating facility are made of high quality selected materials, coupled with exceptional interior and exterior finishing. Modern, efficient and professionally built, with an understanding of the essence of modern life.

Our product range as interior and exterior, and the production of metal pontoons, rafts, structures based solely on quality materials while the price closer to any potential buyer. We responsibly claim that the materials that are incorporated into our products are carefully selected which guarantees the quality and durability.

The manufacture of our products takes place at two locations. The manufacture of wooden windows and applications is carried out in the workshop Starcevo, where there is a showroom. Production of metal products, pontoons, marinas, bridges, structures, trailers … takes place in a workshop in Ivanovo near the Danube, which provides a number of advantages as far as processing and transportation.

Throughout the year you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in a circle, in complete harmony with the nature.

“Splavovitek & Marinas & N’ – Aleksić “