Steel boat with controls


Steel boats with controls are made of high quality steel. The boats are protected with a quality program of struggle. Metal boats on it have all supporting parts as the bonding business. Depending on the size of the boat and his workload, boats, and in proportion to the increase in volume capacity and quality very thick sheets. The boats have great stability and a long service life.

In any case, they can be made by boat and your technical documentation project.
In preparing the boat “Splavovitek & Marinas & N ‘- Aleksic” guarantees excellent quality, an attractive appearance and very affordable prices!

A steel boat with controls is designed for travelers, for sightseeing of cities, lakes, fortresses, etc.

Production and sales of boats Aleksic – Serbia. Contact us and choose one of our boats. Boats Aleksic.


BOAT “MIK 7.0”                                                          BOAT “MIK 9.0”

Length: 7.0m                                                                 Length: 9.0m
The width (in the floor): 2.0m                                       The width (in the floor): 2.0m
Width (overall): 2.75m                                                  Width (overall): 2.75m
Height: 0.70m                                                               Height: 0.70m
Material: Steel                                                              Material: Steel
Thickness: #3mm                                                         Thickness: #3mm


Standard equipment:                                                   Standard equipment: 

-Two Chambers,                                                          -Two Chambers,

-Ring-Binding,                                                             -Ring-Binding,

-Engine carrier,                                                           -Engine carrier,

-Protection Boat (basic and final painting)                 -Protection Boat (basic and final painting)

-Console                                                                     -Console

-Awning                                                                      -Awning



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