Production and sales of pontoon floating houses and other floating products facilities as our customers wish.

Depending on the size of the object and its load, pontoons are equally increasing in its volume and capacity and quality of very thick plates. Maximum immersion (immersion) of pontoons must not exceed half the diameter of the pontoons.

The pontoons are connected to high-alloy steel profiles. Interconnection of pontoons gives further stiffening of the structure. Each individual has a pontoon baffle chambers which at the customer’s request can be filled with polyurethane foam, polystyrene or similar materials that will significantly reduce the water penetration due to mechanical damage to the pontoons. Among the chamber reinforcements (Egija) are made for the stiffness of the bar and the structures may rely to the maximum load.

Forms of pontoons themselves are changeable. Pontoons are protected with a quality program for the color. Pontoons on it have all the ancillary parts which are the bonding business. It is important to note that the pontoons are fully welded and welded with appropriate welding systems. Before the welding pontoons are tested on water permeability, with your presence.

In any case, they can make the pontoons according to your technical documentation or project.

“Splavovitek & Marinas & N ‘- Aleksic” pontoons have a high stability and a long service life. Pontoons are made of high-quality hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel. Pontoons Aleksic.

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